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Greek Study Aid (6 pages)

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Keeping track of the rules while learning any foreign language can be incredibly hard.  Change the alphabet and things go up a notch.  I've developed this Greek Study Aid as a visual tool that can assist with the translation process by giving you ready access to the major rules of Biblical Greek.  I've been vetting this tool through several Greek classes, and I'm confident that it is the best of its kind.

A special thanks to Drs. David Lewis and Jim Voelz for their books and instruction, as well as all the other exegetical faculty at Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, MO, who've helped me learn and love Greek.

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Verb paradigms (page 1)

Page 1a.jpg
Page 1b.jpg

Nouns, Pronouns, Copula, Participle, etc. (Page 2)

Page 2a.jpg
Page 2b.jpg

Pages 3-6 include the following:

Definite Article, Adjectives (basic, consonant stem, σ stem, vowel stem), Subjunctive Dep Clauses, HEND, Infinitive/SOAPER uses, ινα-Clauses, Uses of the Cases, Prepositions, Conjunctions, Adverbs, Verbs that take Genitive or Dative case for DO, Constructs of εγενετο, Adjective Uses, Prepositional Phrases, Simple Infinitive, Articular Infinitive, Attributive vs. Predicate Position, Simple Participle, Attendant Circumstance, Supplemetal Past, Genitive Absolute, Caldwell's Rule, Transitive/Intransitive Active/Passive, an instructional page for learning how to use the verb paradigms (page 1), and an entire sheet of exceptions to rules referenced by light grey letters on all pages.

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