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This package includes all versions of the Greek Study Aid:  one (1) copy of the standard size, one (1) copy of each poster size (except Page 6), and one (1) copy of the adhesive labels.  The standard size is printed on three pages of 8/5"x11" paper (double-sided), and each page is laminated for durability.  This size is great to carry to class or the library.  The poster size is great to display in your study area.  It is also great for those who want a larger print.  Page 6 is not included (SKU because most people would not need a poster size of this item.  It can be ordered separately.  All posters are printed on a separate piece of 12"x18" paper (single-sided) and then each page is laminated for durability.  The adhesive inserts are the same size as the 8.5"x11" (letter-size) paper, but they are printed on adhesive labels that can stick to the inside cover pages of the (Nestle-Aland) Greek New Testament.  This size is great for quick reference during a Bible class.


Greek Geeks Complete

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